Aerospace & Defense Industry: Meet Accuracy

Functional safety is crucial for the aerospace industry, which compromise any company in the industry to follow the most strict certification standards. In order to pass all inspections and certifications, they have to meet specific accuracy in every step of the process. In the case of the defense industry, air forces around the world believe in the precision of 3D metrology to build reliable military aircrafts.

You can count on ACQUIP's modus operandi to get the accuracy necessary to complete the tasks in the time frame required. Some of the 3D measurement services offered by ACQUIP cover the following applications:

Service Request

  • Repeatability tests and Robot Calibration to ensure that the production line is meeting the required tolerances
  • Dimensional Analysis of small or large parts on-site 3D measuring services
  • Jip or fixture alignment for aircraft assembly
  • As-built documentation for plant layout
  • Surface analysis to identify deviations and distortion

For more information about ACQUIP's 3D measurement and scanning services please refer to the links below or contact us to assist you.

Metrology Services

3D Scanning Services