Automotive Industry: Functional Safety

Safety for the automotive industry means, either manufactures or final users will not experience any risk or danger with the automobile itself or its spare parts. ACQUIP can offer you different type of 3D measurement services during production and operation tests and inspections, as well as at distinct stages. It will allow you to comply with the norms, avoid costly product recalls and inefficient rework.

You can rely in ACQUIP's approach to get high-speed accurate data. Some of the 3D measuring services in which ACQUIP can assist you includes:

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  • Repeatability tests of parts and processes for quality control
  • Robot calibration to prevent our of tolerance or low quality components
  • Production line laser alignment 3D measuring services
  • Asset facility management to identify issues inside your plant, or plant design drawings for further retrofits
  • First Article Inspection of your sample pre-production

For more information about ACQUIP's 3D measurement and scanning services please refer to the links below or contact us to assist you.

Metrology Services

3D Scanning Services