Manufacturing Industry: High Quality Products

Specialized 3D Metrology Services are known to help the manufacturing industry to develop high quality parts and products. Additionally, to complete the mission manufactures not only have to deliver cost-effective equipment reliability, but they also have to deliver cost-effective process reliability, which guarantees production timeframe and an excellent final product.

3D metrology and scanning services from ACQUIP can help you to perform different type of applications inside your production line activities such as:

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  • Regular inspections to ensure quality cast for foundry of metals
  • Tool building, 3D modeling and part inspection of heavy machinery on-site to perform 3D measuring tasks that will improve product quality large part inspection service
  • Verify and correct misalignment of rolling mills inside of a pulp and paper plant increasing the reliability of your machines
  • Volumetric accuracy test for Machine Calibration to prevent out of the tolerance parts
  • Documentation of your entire facility for further modifications or retrofits


For more information about ACQUIP's 3D measurement and scanning services please refer to the links below or contact us to assist you.

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