Marine Industry: Shipbuilding & Retrofits

Modern shipbuilding or naval engineering for commercial and military ships use prefabricated pieces. Then, they will be assembled in the building dock, but before the assembly, they will need to verify against design specifications that all the sections will have a proper fitting. For both processes (assembly and inspection) the marine industry count on 3D measurement services. Taking advantage of portable cmm services will ensure the integrity of the ship by minimizing the probability of fracture in any of its components due to inadequate installation and defective parts. Also, using 3D scanning services you can conduct AS-Built documentation of the ship at any stage for further repairs or modifications.

You can trust in ACQUIP's best practices to get the precision needed at the building dock or during your design process. Some of the 3D measuring services in which ACQUIP can assist you includes:

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  • 3D Scanning and modeling for ship design validation (fitting)
  • 3D Scanning and post-production (3D CAD models) for Ballast Water Treatment System Retrofit
  • Cardan shaft Alignment and Stern Tube - Gearbox Laser Alignment 3D measuring services for ship & naval industry
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Large Part and surface inspection to check distorsion and deformation that may affect the integrity of ships and tankers
  • 3D measurements to install new components
  • 3D as-built documentation for repairs or restoration

For more information about ACQUIP's 3D measurement and scanning services please refer to the links below or contact us to assist you.

Metrology Services

3D Scanning Services

Vibration Analysis

Shaft Alignment

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