Power Generation Industry: Hydro - Wind - Steam - Gas

Energy producers of all types are always looking for different solutions or alternatives to maximize production efficiencies. Power Generation industry has never been more conscious about the revenue loss due to a forced "Unplanned Downtime". ACQUIP, in an effort to maximize our client's asset availability have created a different approach to provide services in order to deliver high quality results and integral solutions, experiencing overall time and money savings.

Our reporting includes recommendations and warnings of deteriorating conditions, which lead to unexpected failure and poor performance. Our Services cover the following areas:

Service Request

Rotating Equipment Laser Alignment

Shaft Alignment

turbine alignment service

Bore Alignment

Machine Train Alignment

Reciprocating Compressor Alignment

Thermal Growth Monitoring (Dynamic Movement)

Vibration Analysis

Outage Services

Turbine Internal Laser Alignment

Gas Turbine Internal Alignment

Steam Turbine Internal Alignment


3D Measuring Services

ACQUIP Services for Power Generation also include 3D measurement and scanning services, for instance: 3D inspection of machines, laser alignment, as built-documentation of components such as turbines, blades or plant layout for new retrofits.

Metrology Services

3D Scanning Services

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