Oil & Gas Industry: Refineries & Petrochemical

Proper predictive maintenance practices are the key of Oil & Gas industry to keep running its facilities. However, the pressure to meet production deadlines, and the reduced budget for maintenance all lead to absence of maintenance procedures and in the meantime machinery failure. The consequences of machine failure are costly; unscheduled downtime, damaged equipment repairs and rigorous inspections prior to start-up.

ACQUIP provides cost effective solutions that not only can optimize your maintenance processes but also will improve the reliability of your machines. We use state-of-the-art 3D measurement equipment such as Laser trackers, 3D scanners and laser alignment system to provide you the accuracy you need.

Rely in the experience-based capabilities that ACQUIP's metrology engineers can offer you. We have acquired unique knowledge and understanding from working with hundreds of groups in a variety of settings and situations over the years.

Our Services for the Refineries & Petrochemical Industries include:

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Rotating Equipment Laser Alignment

Shaft Alignment

steam turbine alignment service

Bore Alignment

Machine Train Alignment

Reciprocating Compressor Alignment

Thermal Growth Monitoring (Dynamic Movement)

Vibration Analysis

Outage Services

Turbine Internal Laser Alignment

Gas Turbine Internal Alignment

Steam Turbine Internal Alignment


3D Specialized Measuring Services

ACQUIP also provides specialized 3D measuring services that will enable you to get valuable data for your plant maintenance plan. The measurement data can be use for retrofits, dimensional analysis, 3D scanning for asset and facility management, foundation alignment or straightness, CAD based inspections or incoming inspection to check the quality of your parts, or identify deviations or distortion of components. To know more about our 3D measurement services please check our links below.

Metrology Services

3D Scanning Services

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